Recent Interviews

NOTCHES is a collaborative and international history of sexuality blog that aims to get people inside and outside the academy thinking about sexuality in the past and in the present. I was interviewed by the editor and founder of Notches, Justin Bengry, about my new book. The interview identifies and explores the specific academic debates that the book addresses, and also focuses on what’s most original and important (in my opinion) about my findings.

The Ivory Tower Boiler Room is a public humanities podcast for the literary and artistic community, created by Andrew David Rimby of Stony Brook University. I did an interview with him covering a wide range of topics related to Beyond the Law, which can be found by following this link, and then searching for “Upchurch” on that page to find the podcast episode.

I recently did my second interviewed with Neela Debnath, Senior TV Reporter, Daily Express Online, this time about the historical basis for the LGBTQ storyline in the new Netflix series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. Click on the image below for the full story.

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